Cosmos Holding’s wholly owned subsidiary Sky Pharm S.A. receives $1,292,769 credit facility from Synthesis Peer-to-Peer Income Fund
On August 4, 2016, Sky Pharm S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Holdings Inc., a Nevada corporation entered into a Loan Facility Agreement, guaranteed by Grigorios Siokas, Cosmos Holdings CEO, with Synthesis Peer-To Peer-Income Fund . The Loan Facility provides Sky Pharm with a credit facility of up to $1,292,769. Any advance under the Loan Facility accrues interest at a rate of 10% per annum and requires quarterly interest payments commencing on September 30, 2016. The ...
Cosmos Holdings enters into a preliminary agreement with Doc Pharma SA
On May 20, 2016, Cosmos Holdings Inc. entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with DOC Pharma SA, a company controlled by Grigorios Siokas, the Company's CEO, a director and principal shareholder. DOC Pharma SA located in Thessaloniki, Greece, is also an ISO certified and licensed GDP (Good Distribution Practices) wholesaler of pharmaceuticals. It is the owner of numerous licenses for generic medicines and uses its own network of pharmaceutical sales representatives to detail its products with doctors. The Company ...
Steve Carr Managing Director

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