The main strategy initiative is focused on continuing our progress in becoming a Global Specialty Pharmaceutical Company. Through the development of a lean and efficient operating model, we are committed to serving our customers while continuing to innovate and provide products that make a difference in the lives of patients. We strive to maximize our shareholders' value by adapting to market realities and customer needs.

We are committed to driving organic growth at attractive margins by improving execution, optimizing cash flow and leveraging our strong market position, while maintaining a streamlined cost structure throughout each of our businesses.

Specific areas of management's focus include:
  • Branded & Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals : Accelerating performance of Growth drivers, increasing profitability from high demand brands and investing in key pipeline development opportunities.
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals : Capitalizing on encouraging demand trends for a differentiated product portfolio and focusing on developing or acquiring high barrier to entry products, including first to file or first to market opportunities that are difficult to formulate, difficult to manufacture or face complex legal and regulatory challenges. Acquiring dossiers and registrations for generic products, which require limited manufacturing start-up and development activities.
  • Cosmetics Products & Food Supplements : Investing in high growth business segments with durable revenue streams and where possible and capable geographical expansion and penetration.
  • Research & Development : Committed to strategic R&D across each business unit with a particular focus on pharmaceutical and cosmetic products with inherently lower risk profiles and clearly defined regulatory pathways.
  • Growth Opportunities : Seeking to identify incremental development growth opportunities through acquisitions and product licensing. In addition to a focus on organic growth drivers, we are also actively pursuing accretive acquisitions that offer long-term revenue growth, margin expansion through synergies and the ability to maintain a flexible capital structure.
  • Branded & Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics Products & Food Supplements
  • Research & Development
  • Growth Opportunities