Our strategy begins with the optimization and growth of our pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution businesses. We believe we are well-positioned in size and market breadth to continue to grow our trading businesses as we invest to improve our operating and capital efficiencies. Sourcing and distribution, including specialty pharmaceuticals, anchors our growth and position in the pharmaceutical supply channel as we provide superior services and deliver value-added products, which improve the efficiency and competitiveness of healthcare providers, thus allowing the pharmaceutical supply channel to better deliver healthcare to patients.

Specific areas of management's focus include:
  • Branded Pharmaceuticals: Branded pharmaceutical products are the primary product category that we import and export. We constantly evaluate product availability, pricing, demand trends, and patent expirations to maximize our performance. As the patents for branded products near expiration, the generic equivalents enter the market place and the demand for those branded products start to decrease. We monitor these cycles closely and always look to find value in pricing fluctuations caused by the patent expirations as the generic equivalents enter the market.
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals: Generic pharmaceutical products are the secondary product category that we import and export. We apply the same discipline to generics that we do to the branded. We evaluate the demand and supply dynamics of branded products as their patents expire. This insight sheds light on the demand of generic products that take their place. Understanding the historical and market specific characteristics of generic product demand provides insight that we use to give guidance to our vendors that source our generic drug exports.
  • Health Products & Food Supplements: The wholesale distribution of food supplements offer greater margins than pharmaceutical product distribution. We are always looking to expand the portfolio of products that we distribute to maximize our margins. We also convenience or customers by providing them a larger portfolio of products that they can source from a single vendor. In addition to being wholesalers for supplements and related products we are also creating our own brand of products to sell to our current customer base. Our wholesale business gives insight to what products are in demand and we communicate with our customer base to identify which products to develop. Our own brand of products would carry significantly higher margins than simply serving as a wholesaler for other brands.
  • Research & Development: We are committed to strategic R&D across each business unit with a particular focus for nutraceutical products with inherently lower risk profiles and clearly defined regulatory pathways. We are constantly evaluating the demand of food supplements in the markets that we currently distribute pharmaceutical products to. This research and analysis determines which food and nutritional supplements we choose to develop as well as their formulations. This approach maximizes the probability of successfully competing with other brands in the marketplace.
  • Acquisitions: We regularly evaluate acquisition targets that would allow us to expand our distribution reach and/or vertically integrate into the supply chain of the products that we currently distribute. In addition to focusing on organic growth drivers, we are also actively pursuing accretive acquisitions that offer long-term revenue growth, margin expansion through synergies, and the ability to maintain a flexible capital structure.
  • Cannabis derived products: We closely monitor the legal framework for prescription and non-prescription derivates of cannabis products as it develops in Europe. As the legal framework and processes are developed and implemented in each respective EU country, we will utilize our existing network to distribute both prescription and non-prescription derivates of cannabis products to our current customer base. We currently intend to only distribute prescription and non-prescription derivates of cannabis products to approved EU countries and not in the US.
  • Local & Direct to Pharmacy Wholesale: We are expanding into the full-line wholesale distribution business through acquisition. Full-line pharmaceutical wholesalers provide the local markets with branded pharmaceuticals, generic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, vitamins and food supplements. By expanding our pharmaceutical distribution business, we will have a better ability to source more branded and generic products directly from manufacturers and sell our vitamins, food supplements and cosmetic products directly to pharmacies for better prices. We expect this expansion to increase our sales and profit margins as we vertically integrate into the supply chain.
  • Branded Pharmaceuticals
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Health Products & Food Supplements
  • Research & Development
  • Acquisitions
  • Local & Direct to Pharmacy Wholesale